The Foundation for Female Health Awareness is dedicated to improving women's health by supporting unbiased medical research and educating women from adolescence to menopause and beyond about their health. With continued research and comprehensive education, the goals of disease prevention and improved quality of life can be achieved.
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The Women's Health Experience empowers women to achieve their health goals and make sound, informed healthcare decisions and choices by providing free online updated medical information and services for and in connection with the Foundation for Female Health Awareness. Learn More >
WHE Health Library Empowering women to make informed decisions through knowledge on women's health issues from A to Z.
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Mickey Karram, MD, Director of Urogynecology, The Christ Hospital. Dr. Karram and his wife, Mona, are founders of the Foundation for Female Health Awareness.
Live EventsReaching out, educating and empowering women about health and wellness through "Live Events." Learn More >
ResearchA mission of the Foundation is to fund and support unbiased gender-specific medical research achieving disease prevention and enhancing quality of life for all women.
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Women's Health Wednesday Television Show Physician interviews by Mickey Karram, MD on Fox 19 Healthwise, the second Wednesday of the month at 7:55 am and 9:05 am. Get TV Shows >
Your Update in Women's Health Audio Podcast Audio podcasts from the biweekly radio program by Mickey Karram, MD on various women's health issues.
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Women's Health Today Magazine A quarterly magazine featuring timely health news and information from leading women's health specialists.
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